Creating Your Companies ICT And IM Strategy Together!

Delivering Value provides specialised Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Information Management (IM) consulting services and solutions to a wide range of clients and industry sectors.  We specialise in demystifying technology so that a common understanding of the business benefits are reached and business outcomes are achieved. We focus on the business need and in "delivering value".

With many years of experience in the ICT & IM industry, our consultants bring real world practicality to the conception, design and delivery of ICT & IM projects. We focus on "delivering value" to our clients with a strong focus on working in partnership with our clients to achieve successful business outcomes.  You are the experts in your business and industry and we are experts in "delivering value" through the implementation of ICT and IM business solutions.  Together we can create a strong culture of growth, effective management and quality results. We are able to deliver full ICT and IM Business Project lifecycle outcomes.

Commencing with the initial concept of improving the business performance through targetted investment we work with our clients to ensure that key elements for success - People, Process and Technology operate in a culture of business improvement to deliver outstanding business results.

Whilst we embrace and understand technology we are not technologists.  Our approach is to focus on the business needs of both you as a client and your customers and ensure that your ICT and IM business solutions environment is strongly aligned with your business plans for today, tomorrow and the future.


Specialized Services

Organisational Change Management

Delivering Value consultants have been involved in many ICT & IM Projects and are well acquainted with the internal dynamics of change that a complex ICT & IM Project brings.

 Our consultants can help you to manage this change by

  •  Aligning the group's expectations
  •  Introducing improved methods of communication
  •  Integration of internal teams
  • Managing the training and understanding of involved parties




Project Governance

Delivering Value has developed a framework for the Governance and Project Management of ICT and IM Business projects that assists in driving the value management. 


Project Initiation & Planning

The early stage planning of any complex project typically has a direct relationship with both the smooth flow of the project and the success of the project.


Leadership & Team Effectiveness

Building capability and nurturing the leaders and team members to deliver complex business change programs is an essential skill for program managers and project team members.


ICT & IM Strategy


The diagram below outlines a typical approach that Delivering Value takes in the development of an ICT & IM Strategy Plan and Implementation Roadmap.